Wallabies will laze in the sun for hours
 Lamb feeding time
 Visitors with a Critters2You bearded dragon
 Grazing by the windmill
 One of the pygmy goats
 More birds of prey you can see at the farm
 A Critters2You Bearded Dragon basking on a rock
 One of the birds of prey
 Tilly the Tegu

Critters2You farm visits with their Reptiles and Spiders


 Click for the Critters2You web site in a new window There will be Bearded Dragons, Leopard and Crested Geckos, Reticulated and Jungle Jaguar Pythons, a Salmon Boa Constrictor, a Yemen Chameleon, and with more legs than most of the other critters, a Chilli Rose Tarantula spider.

All in our new dedicated ‘Reptile Area’ in the main barn.

The critters are here each day
from 10 o’clock in the morning until 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Click the critter for the Critters2You web site.


Critters 2 You are here with their reptiles and spiders as follows –

During December:
Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th

Don’t forget your cameras!

There’s always lots and lots of fun at Windmill Animal Farm


Farmyard Falconry
Windmill Animal Farm

Meet some wonderful Falcons and other Birds of Prey. See them flying and swooping down for treats – it really is an opportunity not to be missed.


The birds of prey are here
as shown below –

Future dates for
Farmyard Falconry Displays
will be shown here as soon
as dates are confirmed

The birds will be on show and flying from 10 o’clock in the morning through to 5 o'clock in the afternoon.

Don’t forget your cameras!

Falconry Experience Sessions


Farmyard Falconry conduct personal
falconry experience sessions at
Windmill Animal Farm.

The sessions which last for two hours, give those who attend the opportunity to meet and familiarise themselves with some of the spectacular owls, hawks and falcons.

All those attending go out with the falconer and fly the selected birds in free flight, back and forth from their gloved hand!

Those who take part also have the rest of the day to spend enjoying the full farm facilities. 
This is a great experience, whether it is for a full family, a group or a solo day out.

Prices are –
£34.99 for a single person.
£125 for a group of four people.
£20 for each person added to a group.

Any other visitors who wish to come along for the day at the farm but do not wishing to participate will pay £5 upon entrance.

To book your experience or for additional information call
us on: 01704 892282
Fly me!
 Fun on the Roller Racers
 Tractors on our new, dedicated tractor compound
 Into the climbing structure in the Play Barn
 Alice the Critters2You Burmese Python getting up-close
 Newborn lambs keeping warm with their mother
 Valais Blackface Sheep
 On the climbing wall
 With the animals in the main barn
 One of the hawks in the barn
 Lamb and ewe out in the fields
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