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The cutest of rare breed sheep

 Our four Valais Sheep

This herd of Valais Blacknosed Sheep are the latest addition to our selection of animal breeds. Originating in Valais in Switzerland, they are very rare here in the UK. As far as we can establish these three ewes (female sheep) and one ram (male sheep) are the only ones in Lancashire.


A true mountain breed, the Valais Blacknose are native only to Switzerland, where they live and thrive on the mountain grasses of the Alps all summer, coming down off the hills to avoid the huge amounts of snow between September and March.

Although the earliest mention of the breed dates back to 1400, this large-framed, docile mountain sheep was first recognised as a separate breed in 1962. Unlike most breeds of sheep, Valais sheep breed all year round and are not seasonal like the majority of sheep.

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